The Moon Tu es dea, filia lunae.

Sirena. daughter of the moon and seas. goddess reborn. full time Witch Baby gig.☾
Anonymous: Why are you belly dancing if you're not middle eastern? That's cultural appropriation :(

Why can’t I belly dance? When I do it, it feels like so much more than just doing it to look mysterious. When I belly dance I am honouring my body and I feel like I’m honour the culture it was brought up in. I feel like I’m honouring the earth, sun, stars and moons and just everything. I see stars when I belly dance. It’s so magical. How do you know what culture I am? Is my skin not dark enough?

ever since I started taking belly dancing classes all I’ve been doing is belly dancing around the house and even in class sitting I’m belly dancing in tiny movements but in big movements in my head, to all songs I listen to~~ I love it so much x

walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet